Sierra Leone is among the genuine countries that have the greatest store of gold and valuable stone in the West African sub territory and besides among the genuine producers and exporters of good quality unrefined gold and cruel gem in Africa. Near the outside mining associations working in Sierra Leone, the greatest admission of gold and valuable stone starts from the Royal Mining SL that has 70% of the mining development. Superb Mining SL is one of the major indigenous mining associations in Sierra Leone that passages the greatest measure of gold buildup, gold bars and gold lumps with great conditions of trade. We keep up our organization get a handle on as one of the genuine producers and exporters of gold and valuable stone in Sierra Leone by teaming up and supporting other mining practices in the huge mining in Sierra Leone, which has been a section behind our extension of age and charge. Giving extraordinary quality gold and gem at the base adjacent expenses is perpetually our target. Magnificent Mining SL is the principle indigenous mining association in Sierra Leone that produces and toll superb gold buildup, gold bar, and gold pieces going from 22 Karats/24 Karat attributes and 91.6%/99.99%. We don't only mine and offer unforgiving valuable stone and gold, we also assist buyers with our own particular toll allow and other related admission chronicles to ensure smooth movement. All trade and charge is totally checked by the Government Minerals Department.